M-Powered for manager success

A supervisor or manager role is often the expected progression when you’re performing well and want to develop further within an organisation.

To some, this transition comes naturally but to many others it brings a steep learning curve, a sense of frustration and a lack of confidence in your own competence.

Success as a manager relies on personal, employee and team success and, in turn, is a key factor in organisational success. Many managers are however not equipped to address all of these areas before stepping into the role.

How can we help you?

We’ll M-Power you with the skills you need and
provide a supportive space for you to practise.

Smooth the transition

Make the unknown known and address specific challenges.

Learn critical knowledge and skills

Equip supervisors and managers with specific knowledge and skills to perform better in their roles.

Play to your strengths

Do more of what you do well and learn to course-correct where necessary

Develop helpful behaviours

Encourage helpful behaviours for you as manager and to role-model for your team

Network and share knowledge

Create a safe space to network, learn and practise with your peers

Unleash your Super-powers

Maximise your impact as a manager


public programme Launches in

2023 public programme

Participant Testimonials

I have found the managers programme to be insightful, enlightening and an opportunity to develop and build my managerial and professional skills, particularly when interacting with various stakeholders. The programme was conducted brilliantly, allowing opportunities to practice what was being presented and taught to us. Thank you to Karien, Tonia and their team for the effort displayed in providing us with a well rounded programme. 


Audit Senior

The programme consists out of topics that are relevant to the role of a manager but also to any leadership role. The fundamental principles explained and practiced in the programme helped greatly with knowing how to deal with staff, approach difficult situations and improve soft skills such as active listening. I found great value from participating in the programme and I have started to implement the tools to my everday interactions.



The manager programme was amazing and thank you to Karien and Tonia for the tools you have given to us. I have learned a lot about the power of asking questions and also asking the right questions. The content , material and practice sessions were amazing. 


Senior Manager

The superpowers session presented by Karien and Tonia was wonderful for the exposure it presented as a practice ground for hard hitting topics and having discussions with your fellow peers and having the opportunity to discuss a matter with someone who is on the same or a level higher than you.



Looking for a more customised solution?

Dealing with unique challenges that require a tailor-made approach?

Find out how we can help!

We offer many alternatives to suit your objectives and budget.

We can design a programme specifically to suit your needs or provide a hybrid approach combining elements of our public programme with sessions designed specifically for your managers/ supervisors.

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Targeted practice sessions

Group coaching for consistency, alignment and to meet team objectives

1:1 coaching for individual manager needs

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Super-powered by

Tonia Jackson

Owner and Director: The Development Collab (Pty) Ltd

As a CA(SA) and ICF Professional Certified Coach, Tonia, uses a strengths-based, holistic approach to empower individuals, managers and teams to transform the way they engage and work to create a thriving work environment and an inspired life.

Karien Coates

Managing member: Development for Purpose CC

As a CA(SA) who is high on empathy, Karien loves working with people more than numbers. As a facilitator and coach, she helps individuals recognise their growth points, equipping them with the necessary skills and supporting them to realise their full potential.