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17 Jul

You, M-Powered in your role as manager

The focus of this session is on you in your role as manager: empowering you to identify the key strengths you bring to the role and to take steps to address your unique areas of growth potential.

24 Jul

M-Powered project management, delegation & accountability

Learn skills to improve your delegation and project management and hold individuals in your team accountable.

31 Jul

M-Powered engagement, recognition and feedback

Use intentional engagement, ongoing recognition and feedback to maximise your team’s success.

And then bring this knowledge into the practice session.

6 Aug

M-Power Practice: Engagement, recognition and feedback

This session is for you if you have completed the “M-Powered engagement, recognition and feedback” session.

In this session we invite you to practise your skills with your peers through a set of guided activities.

14 Aug

Coaching Superpowers: Next-level listening

Take your listening skills to the next level. In this session we will cover theoretical principles of listening from the fundamentals all the way to the 4 th level. At whichever level you find yourself, learn the skills to move to the next level…

And then bring this knowledge into the Superpower Practice session.

21 Aug

Superpower Practice: Next-level listening

This session is for you if you have completed the “Coaching Superpowers: Next-level listening” session.

Practise what you have learned in a safe space, with your peers, and take your listening to the next level.

28 Aug

Coaching Superpowers: Asking powerful questions

What makes a question powerful? How can you craft better questions? Find the answers in this session. Learn to ask questions that will provide you with better quality information and also empower those you manage to reflect more deeply and take steps to unlock their potential.

And then practise crafting powerful questions in the Superpower Practice session.

11 Sep

Superpower Practice: Asking powerful questions

This session is for you if you have completed the “Coaching Superpowers: Asking powerful questions” session.

Practise crafting powerful questions in a safe space, with your peers.

18 Sep

Superpower Practice: Coaching Superpowers – putting it all together

This session is for you if you have completed the “Coaching Superpowers: Next-level listening and Asking powerful questions” sessions as well as the related Superpower Practice sessions.

Practise putting it all together, in a safe space with your peers.

25 Sep

M-Power your team for success

In this session we focus on identifying and addressing the development requirements of your team.

9 Oct

M-Powered to have a difficult conversation

A difficult conversation is anything you find hard to talk about. Work-related examples could include providing feedback to an underperforming employee, discussing a sensitive topic with a colleague or negotiating a fee with a client that is struggling financially.

This session will provide you with resources and skills to handle difficult conversations with more confidence.

16 Oct

M-Power Practice: Having a difficult conversation

This session is for you if you have completed the “M-Powered to have a difficult conversation” session.

Practise preparing for and having a difficult conversation.

23 Oct

You, M-Powered for self-awareness and self-regulation

The focus of this session is on you: empowering you to grow in self-awareness and start developing the skill to self-correct and self-regulate in any area of life including your role as manager.

30 Oct

M-Powered assessment and performance appraisals

Maximise the growth potential and performance of individuals in your team through better assessment and performance discussions.

6 Nov

M-Power Practice: Assessment and performance appraisals

This session is for you if you have completed the “M-Powered assessment and performance appraisals” session.

Practise preparing for and performing an assessment or appraisal.

13 Nov

M-Powered management in a hybrid work environment

The world of remote and hybrid work has created both opportunities and challenges for managers. Learn skills to adapt your management style to suit different environments.

Please note!

All sessions are presented via Zoom and are interactive. To facilitate this interaction, details of connectivity, video and audio requirements will be provided to participants upon registration.

The 90-minute content sessions include approximately 15-minutes of unrecorded networking, 60 minutes of recorded content and 15 minutes of unrecorded Q&A.

Numbers are limited for the 90-minute practice sessions to allow for deeper engagement.

Practice sessions are not recorded. Where the maximum number of participants register for a practice session, additional sessions may be arranged.


Individual sessions

R 660

incl. VAT

R 990

incl. VAT

*registration allowed following completion of prerequisite content session(s)



Core skills for all managers

5 x 90-minute content sessions and 1 x 90-minute practice session

R 3,850

incl. VAT


Incorporating all core skills plus key skills for enhanced communication and engagement

7 x 90-minute live sessions and 4 x 90-minute practice sessions

R 7,250

incl. VAT


Includes all sessions with an emphasis on maximising your skill as a manager

10 x 90-minute live sessions and 6 x 90-minute practice sessions

R 10,000

incl. VAT

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